Healthy Meal Plan for Summer

Summer, being the hottest among the 4 seasons, is recording to be the most disliked one. It is due to the high intensity of heat, fatigue, sweating, thirst, and indolence. It brings a vast list of what to wear and makes distinguishes in our daily meal plan. For every individual, it is a major question of the day that, what to prepare kill their hunger? And apparently, the food would be effortless to cook and heatless to eat.

Meal Plan for Summer – EatingWell

So here are some ideal food options suggested by expert nutritionists to list up in your daily meal plan, which is certainly highly packed with daily required nutrition and has a high water potential. The doctors suggest relying on fruits, vegetables, heat beating cocktails in summers and to avoid excess intake of salt, tea, coffee, certain spices, fried junk food, and pickles as these lead to high cholesterol and burning effect throughout the digestive canal.

So it is recommended to take up something lighter like water, rich fruit which includes papaya, with a water potential of 88%, blackberries with 88%, peaches with 89%, cantaloupe with 90%, grapefruit with 91%, strawberries with 91%, watermelon with 92%, tomato with 94% and the last but not the least cucumber with 95% of water potential.

Healthy Meal Plans For Summer

Since, if you are looking for some cooler vegetables, the list includes bottle gourd, brinjal, pumpkin, bitter gourd, green leafy vegetables like spinach, kale, broccoli, and peppers.

The plan didn’t mark a stop here, however, if the summer haters are looking for some beverages to meet up the heat this summer, then, I suggest them to google the recipe for ampana, jalijira, satosharbat, buttermilk(chus), coconut water, sugarcane juice, lassy, barley water, and some colorful, soothing fruit smoothies.

Clean Eating Meal Plan

If you are still looking for some healthy options for your grocery list then don’t worry, as we have already prepared a list of the 7 most ideal food for beating the summer heat.

  1. Curd/yogurt:- considerably the lightest and the most effective fuel for our body in summer. It keeps you hydrated throughout the day, which boosts up your energy level and proved to be the great stress buster with a quality lowering the anxiety level.
  2. Coconut water:- extracted from the raw coconuts, it is packed with antioxidant properties and is a delicious source for treating dehydration. It lowers blood pressure, aid digestions, reduces bloating after eating, and surprisingly prevents urinary tract infections
  3. watermelon/melon:- are good for your heart and bones, with its fat-reducing quality. A great source of hydrates the body is packed with natural diuretics and has anti-flamming properties and it is also proved to have a beneficial effect on improving the athletic performance of an individual
  4. Cucumber:- packed with 95% of water potential, is a great source of hydrating and detoxifying the body. It has many skincare benefits as it soothes and refreshes the skin, removes dark circles, helps in bad breath, promotes weight loss, and maintains a level of blood pressure
  5. Mint:- it keeps your skin refresh by removing summer pimples and soothing headaches and fighting sluggishness. It has incredible anti-inflammatory quality and is also effective in maintaining the digestive woes at bay.
  6. Onions:- not surprisingly, these are proved to keep you cool all day long. As their juice is a great source of fighting heart stroke, cooling sunburn skin, controlling higher blood pressure, and maintaining diabetic guts and heart health.

How to Stay Healthy This Summer

Limewater:- it purifies and detoxifies the body, boosts up the immune system, helps in digestion, promotes respiratory health, and is a great option for constipation patients. Not only this, but it also has many skincare benefits.

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