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Give stop to this busy life

GIVE STOP TO THIS BUSY LIFE Today all of us are living sophisticated life. We are just busy in the congested, crowded, and polluted streets of the city and forget to adore the fresh environment around us by taking a break and travel to discover nature. We are just continuing this robotic life with no enjoyment. Therefore there is a need to take a stop and look for the inner peace somewhere around us

The doctors also suggest that the human brain requires refreshment every two to three months in order to work properly. And besides this it is also recommended that we should take a break and checkout where the route of our current life is leading to .and whether  it is satisfying our inner soul or not.


Not only has this in this fast life we are that busy in our own worlds that we have no time for the people around us. Hence spending time with the people around us is also very important as it will lessen the distance between the members of families and apparently provides you with inner happiness by seeing your loved one closer

It is not important that we can only enjoy by going for outing or spending huge sums in buying expensive presents for them to make memories or for making them happy .we must consider the fact that it is not money but the  time spent together and the beautiful memories together which makes life worth spending.


Moreover in this modern life we have become like a tree which provide shade or shelter to our families but cannot provide them with fruits in the form of memories. We are just trying to provide every facility to our children and didn’t even consider what they actually need and apparently this has made the modern children consider their parents as ATMs instead of guardian.

However, it doesn’t mean that a person just stays home without doing anything and claims that he has devoted his life to his family. There is also a need to earn to fulfill the basic necessities of that family. Therefore a person must live a moderate life by maintaining a balance between his family time and business

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