Health tips Add these foods to your diet and keep your liver healthy

Health tips Add these foods to your diet

The liver is the largest body organ in the human body. Which is located beneath the ribcage and right to the upper abdomen. Health tips Add these foods to your diet and keep your liver healthy. Its duty is to remove toxins from the body, maintain healthy blood sugar level. Regulates blood clotting and performs many of other vital processes. It filters the blood coming from the alimentary canal and intestine. It is also responsible for regulating different chemicals in the body and also helps in the excretion of a product that is called bile. Health tips Add these foods to your diet and keep your liver healthy.


It is so surprising that the liver is only organ that can easily be repaired by it when it’s damaged. Moreover, there are few chances of death in compensated cirrhosis. A liver patient can spend a normal for over 9 to 12 years asymptomatically. However, in rare cases there are no clear symptoms until it reaches the worst. The major symptoms include: fatigue, tired, and yellowing of skin and eyeballs jaundice, abdominal swelling, ascites, itching of feet and palms.


High intake of alcohol, toxins, high fatty diet, consumption of beef, poultry, eggs dairy products and some viral like hepatitis can damage the human liver.

There are some habits that can strictly damage your liver health, like:

  • Drinking alcohol
  • Eating sugar
  • Excessive use of salt
  • Taking certain supplements and vitamins
  • Being dehydrated/Drinking too little water
  • Consumption of fatty, fried, starchy food
  • Being obese or Underweight


But apparently, it is not that difficult to repair your liver. It is simply possible by taking track of what you eat because the health of the liver and its work depends on your diet.

So here are some foods which acts as magic on the liver:

  • Coffee: – not surprisingly coffee which is one of the world’s favorite beverages and considered as a portion of comfort food, is a cure to deadly liver diseases. The paraxanthine in caffeine slows the promotion of fibrosis, which may help in fighting chronic and fatty deadly liver diseases. An average liver patient is suggested to consume 3 to 4 cups of coffee daily.
  • Oat meal: – high in fiber content and an important tool for digestion, which is an ideal option for breakfast. Oat meal is surprisingly working as a medicine for our liver as it promotes weight loss and lessen chances of liver diseases
  • Green tea: – packed with antioxidants and bioactive compounds. Studies proved that its help in metabolism, liquid regulation and accumulation of lipids in liver. A NAFID patient can improve his liver enzymes by just adding green tea to his diet for only 12 weeks, as it reduces oxidated stress and fat deposit in the liver
  • Garlic: – it is widely known for cleansing, contains selenium mineral which flushes out toxins from the body and reduces blood clotting. It is popular as a host of anti-oxidant
  • Berries: – rich in antioxidants polyphenols, protects the liver from damage by improving its immunity and antioxidants properties. It is widely packed in fiber and has the ability to fight inflammation
  • Apple and citrus:- with their high detoxification and anti-inflammatory properties they contain the enzymes that helps in improving the liver health


  • Fiber:- fruits, vegetables, rice, whole grains, bread and cereal highly packed with fiber can help your body to work at an optimal level

Since the doctors recommend, spice up your diet plan with avocados. bananas, barley, beetroot, broccoli, brown rice. Carrot, fig, kale, lemon, papaya, watermelon, fatty fish, olive oil, and nuts, which will help you to fulfill all the requirements for the improvement of your liver health. Besides this, liver patients are also suggested to drink a lot of water which helps in hydration and stabilizes livers functions.

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