If I ran the world

If I ran the world

All of us are living together in this world. Some are pretty satisfied with what they have but some just always grumbling and cursing the world for its mismanagement. They are not contents with what have received, this is not a story of one or two individuals but certainly, all of us have crossed this idea through our minds that, this thing is too wrong and if I ran the world I would do it in a better manner. So let’s take a second and imagine if we could control the world, what change would we make.

I would firstly lessen the use of technology

Like if I ran the world, I would firstly lessen the use of technology and ban those experiments which are a threat to our environment. As we all know this modern world is all about technology and where it has fastened our lives with handy gadgets, there it has made us lazy and apparently negligent with their excessive use because we only use them for our ease and don’t care about anyone around, not even the motherland.

As far as I can understand this technology has made our lives harder rather than making it worth living. Like the excessive use of fossil fuels in electricity generation, factory usage and transport vehicles have polluted not only the air of this planet but this whole planet and it is the reason for the death of many humans and the birth of new diseases. So I will suggest trying to make our life simple and decent, not exactly like our how ancestors had, but a bit cultivated and modern than that, obviously.

Moreover, if I get a chance to change this world

Moreover, if I get a chance to change this world, I will not hesitate to vanish the Superpower System. Because, in my humble opinion, this is the power that is the reason behind much of dissension in the world like they only make decisions which benefits them and stamp out whoever they want to and apparently no one can touch them as they are so supposed to be a superpower and contains all the revenue of the world. Whether any nation agrees or not but I am a person who believes in equality and will provide it to every single nation.

Moreover, when the conversation has reached this topic I would also try to make some changes in the behavior of people like I have no intention as such to finish the poverty from this world because in my clouds of thoughts poverty is not disgust but apparently is a reminder to make you realize the price of what you are having and if there will be no poor left then there will be no value of wealth and fear of poverty is also a step to achieve something.

I will just try to equalize the social status of the poor to those wealthy ones. However, I would make an increase in the ratio of donations and charity works and don’t grasp the taxes from the pockets of laborers, to fill the accounts of those sitting above.

I will ensure that these high taxes will be applied

I will ensure that these high taxes will be applied only on those who are enjoying in their lavish mansions. However where I put the high taxation, there I will make education free and compulsory to everyone and they have to study a same standard syllabus all over the world whether it is the son of a landlord or the daughter of the labor.

I will also try not to provide foreign nationalities, everyone must be proud of their homeland and didn’t indulge them in the marathon of getting nationalities of 1st world countries, as in my opinion, it gives them a further hive and lessens the value of patriotism in their heart. Moreover, I will also try to restrict the excessive and wrong use social media and forbid the sharing of personal information on the internet, as according to my strategy, it is also a root problem that may lead to many issues.

So here are some flaws which I have remarked

So here are some flaws which I have remarked in the society where we live and the possible reasons and solutions to those problems. So now it’s your turn to look around, analyze and point out some of the term holes in the management of this world and imagine if you may have the power to change, what would you fix first

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