importance of physical activity 2022

importance of physical activity 2022

Advantages to regular physical exercise

If you’re regularly physical active might:

lower your risk of having a heart attack

Learn to manage your weight

Have a lower blood cholesterol level

lower the risk of having type 2 diabetes and certain cancers.

are less likely to have lower blood pressure

are more robust in their muscles, joints, and bones and are less likely to develop osteoporosis

reduce your risk of falling

Recover better from hospitalization, bed rest, or even bed rest.

feel more relaxed, with more energy, a higher mood, more at ease, and rest better.

A more positive mental state


Numerous studies have shown that exercising can help with depression. There are a variety of theories regarding how exercise can help those suffering from depression:

Exercise can keep your mind from negative thoughts or help you focus on your daily concerns.

Exercise with friends provides the opportunity to increase social interaction.

Fitness can boost your mood and help you sleep better.

The effects of exercise can alter levels of the chemicals that are present within your brain like endorphins, serotonin, and stress hormones.

At minimum 30 minutes per day.

To keep your health in good shape and lower your risk of developing health issues Health professionals and researchers suggest at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity physical exercise on the majority, and ideally every day.

Physical guidelines for physical activity

Australia’s physical activity and sedentary lifestyle guidelines say:

Any physical activity that you can do is superior to doing nothing at all. If you’re currently not doing any physical activity, you can start by doing a little, then gradually increase your activity until you reach what you are recommended to do.

You should be active the majority of days during the week.

Aim for 150-300 hours (2 half to five hours) in moderate-intensity physical activity, or between 75 and 150 minutes (1 1/4 to 2 1/2 hours) of intense physical activity or an equivalent mix of moderate and vigorous exercises, every week.

Do exercises for muscle strength two days a week.

Strategies to increase physical activity

An increase in your daily activities can be a result of minor changes that are made throughout the day like walking or cycling instead of taking the car taking the tram, train or bus earlier and walking the remainder of the route, as well as even walking the kids to school.

See your doctor first

It’s recommended to consult your doctor before starting your exercise program if

you’re older than 45.

Physical activity can cause chest pain

You may faint or experience periods of extreme dizziness

moderate physical activity can leave you breathless

You are at a greater risk of developing heart disease.

you suspect you be suffering from heart disease, or are suffering from heart issues

you are pregnant.

Screening before exercise is done to determine if someone has medical conditions that could make them more at the chance of developing an illness or injury when exercising. It acts as a filter or a safety net that can determine if the advantages of exercise are greater than the risks.

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