Crimes like terrorism, robbery, bribery, stealing, gambling or snatching are the increasing issues of our society. REASONS BEHIND THE INCREASING RATE OF CRIME We are fed up of these issues and always blame our government for this but in my point of view, these problems doesn’t take roots all of a sudden but apparently there are some solid reasons or other words bitter truth behind them. These crimes or criminals take birth in the society due to the lack of education and poverty.

As we all know that education provides us with wisdom and lights up our way towards righteous things. However if a person is deprived of education because of their inefficient illiteracy or because of their family financial crisis.

It is most likely that they will become the termites who will make holes in our society. Those people by ending their desire to learn, can’t even imagine that how they are not only destroying their own future but also the future of their upcoming generations. Because the modern world is the arena of advancement and luxuries and one can’t imagine remaining in this marathon of life without having a valid source of income. Moreover, each sector has increased their demands and it is certain that one need to have great experience or number of degrees to dream up to work anywhere.

Sense of this failure and greed to earn more and get rid of their poverty lead them to a path which has no ways to return.

At first stage, they involve themselves in the company of bad people where they practice bad habits like drinking and gambling and apparently they start to enjoy this lifestyle and later these somewhat innocent people went into darkness of the society, which also provide them enough amount of money to spend for own pleasures but in reality they actually attracting fire upon themselves. People give them to use their innocence like tissue paper, to get their illegal activities done.

These poor people, because of lack of common sense, are playing roles of puppets in their dirty games. They do it mostly to fill the bellies of their family.

Why are we always blaming these innocent people for the instabilities in the society?

Aren’t we the ones who made all these boundaries and standards between a lavish lifestyle and a hut dweller and bestowed superiority to the rich and take the right to live peacefully from the poors and treat them like insects?

Is it our duty to hold the hands of those people who destroy the life of these innocent people and take advantage of their insecurities?

Can’t we just share our knowledge with them and teach them the ons and offs of life instead of showing off in useless parties or gatherings.

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