Some positive effects of pandemic

After the November of 2019 the whole world is facing a situation which has distorted the system and this pandemic is globally named as pandemic. The virus which had started from China and now has grasped the whole world. It is basically a lung disease which slowly cause Asthma and became a reason for lung failure within months of people got affected by the virus which ends its effect after taking the life of the effected person.

Positive Effects of the Pandemic

It made the whole world terrified from its arrival and hence this world of fast and busy life has came to a lockdown as there is a threat that the spreads from person to person. So apparently the most busy and popular companies with their modern and advance knowledge are closed with the fear of getting effected.

Nature Started Hitting the Reset Button …

But in my opinion, this pandemic is not a destruction but it is actually a blessing because we humans were so busy in our modern lifestyle that we had no time for each other we were just busy in polishing our own life without taking care of any other individual or the environment like we have cut off trees which are known as the garage or factory of cleaning the air but we are processing it to be as a showpiece in our homes which results in inhaling polluted and dirty air which is the reason for the formation of new diseases and viruses hence the closure of factories, transport, and other human activities has lead to a clear environment .

Positive Family Impact During the Pandemic

Moreover, in this modern world of advancement, everyone had become a machine of earning money and did not have knowledge about whatsoever is happening around them so this pandemic has given them a chance to spend time with themselves and the people around them. Moreover, the pandemic which on one hand take lives of thousands of people but apparently on the other hand saved the world from a huge disaster in the form of the third world war as the disputes between the countries were increasing and that was leading to a great war but pandemic has put a full stop on it and made the rivals come closer.

Hence as I have mentioned earlier the pandemic is a blessing upon the world but it does not mean we take this pandemic easy and did not care about our health along with other lives.

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